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Apr 2019

This month, we bring you an interesting CRF polychoron that sports elongated pentagonal bipyramids (J16) and icosagonal prisms as cells:

The decaaugmented

This is the decaaugmented 5,20-duoprism, an augmentation of the 5,20-duoprism with 10 pentagonal prism pyramids. Due to the angle between the pentagonal pyramid and pentagonal prism cells in the latter, the pentagonal pyramids are coplanar with the adjacent pentagonal prisms on the 5,20-duoprism, causing them to merge into 10 elongated pentagonal bipyramids (J16).

Visit the decaaugmented 5,20-duoprism page for more details about this fascinating polytope, including its full algebraic coordinates.

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Last updated 29 Apr 2019.

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